Chivalry is here to stay.

I came across an article claiming that chivalry should be dead. The following excerpt from the article aptly summarizes it.

“And that’s why chivalry needs to die.  A horrible, painful, loud and dramatic death is what I’m envisioning here.  Something fiery.  With an explosion of some sort.  Something where people say: what on earth was that?!”

I think the author speaks for herself and a certain bunch of females who want chivalry to be dead. Chivalry by no stretch of imagination means to put a woman on pedestal so that we men can derive a sense of superiority by putting her there.

Chivalry is a part of code of conduct that all of us still follow in different degrees, though subjected to individual choice.
We do want equality, but that doesn’t mean that the only differences that we acknowledge between the sexes are physical.
In times such as ours, and in a country such as mine, men aren’t chivalrous by obligation, they are chivalrous by choice.
I treat a girl nice because I want to, because I know such an act can make someone’s day, can lift someone’s spirit, and no we do it for other men too. It isn’t like if there are two men waiting to get out of elevator, both of them squeeze out at the same time, one has to let the other go.In case of women it is called chivalry, the difference is lexical.

Why is it so that a women’s grand slam has three set instead of a 5 that men’s have. Do you really think a average women’s physical strength can match an average man’s physical strength. If you do, I have bad new for you, you are taking feminism too far. The point that I want to drive home here is not that women are week. The reason why we offer seats to women in public transport, because when I see a man and a woman standing after a hard day’s work in the metro, I would not offer my seat to the man, not because he should bear the punishment of being the man, but because in most cases the women will tire out first. It is not degrading her but caring for her.
Women have their strengths, they understand emotions better.
On the other hand what do we expect, a cordial conduct instead of a shrug that at times is a woman’s reply.
In an era when we still treat women like animals in some places, chivalry sets a positive example. It comforts people that there is still something right with this world.

Equality of gender doesn’t mean removing the word masculine and feminine from the dictionary. It doesn’t mean that the day we achieve perfect equality, masculine and feminine traits will disappear. Nature made it so, let us mere mortals not defy it. In animal kingdom too the traits are defined.

Inequality is about restricting women from working, restricting her from attaining a certain designation, paying her less, limiting herself to confines of home, marrying her against her will, not educating her etc.

To conclude when we open doors for our seniors, or let them leave the elevator first, we aren’t putting them on a pedestal, it is a mark of respect. We are chivalrous because we think every women is special and deserves respect and this is our way counterbalancing all the wrongs that happen to her everyday.

(P.S. This is a privilege, and like all privileges even this is open to abuse.)


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